In my work I endeavour to expose reputation and reveal character
[Reinier Noordzij]

I read the following quote quite recently: ‘The difference between what a man thinks he is to what he actually is, is a huge classical comic thing and a great modern tragedy’. I use this statement by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the makers of the highly successful BBC series The Office, as both a source of inspiration and as the starting point for my projects.

I believe in the dramatic tension that occurs as a result of the interaction between a person’s character and their reputation. I view reputation as that which a person appears to be, while a person’s character, or nature, reflects their true self. In my work, I therefore endeavour to expose reputation and reveal character.

My work is a quest for the human vulnerability which serves as the basis for every good dramatized character, in both fictional and non-fictional contexts.

This vulnerability touches upon the essence of the character, while also revealing a certain truth about it. It offers the viewer a means of associating with the character. To me, it is all about capturing characters’ imperfections. I become fascinated with characters who consider their reputations to correspond to their nature, whereas this is clearly not the case. This can be either tragic or comical, or both. I believe in the interaction between the tragic and the comical. The two rely on, and can therefore reinforce one another.

The application of this concept in a visual medium gives me the opportunity to utilize a vital tool: the close-up. The simple fact that the camera is incapable of lying means that it invariably reveals a certain vulnerability and a different story behind the character’s eyes – regardless of anything he or she might say. This ‘other’ story is where the soul of my work resides.

Video interview
Reinier Noordzij about his research projects 'Dubbel geparkeerd' and 'Eskalibur'

Dubbel geparkeerd

Jacob, a successful actor, receives a disturbing phone call from an unknown caller. The next morning, once it has become clear that his girlfriend also received such a call, a man who refuses to reveal his name pays a rather ominous visit. Jacob gradually discovers what the stranger wants from him. What follows is a verbal battle, in search of the truth. Or rather, the manner in which the truth is distorted. A short film about three characters, who struggle to discover who they are actually dealing with.

[Specifications Length 18 min Medium video RED Format Digibeta
Crew Direction and screenplay Reinier Noordzij Production Reinier Noordzij Camera Max Maloney Sound Oliver Pattinama Editing Pelle Asselbergs Sound editing Narek Nicoghosyan
Cast Xander van Vledder, Daan van Dijsseldonk and Roos Eijmers]

On the set of ‘Dubbel geparkeerd’. Director Reinier Noordzij and 1st AD Paul Zomerhuis watch Daan van Dijseldonk and Xander van Vledder rehearse a scene

Actors Xander and Daan on the set

Director Reinier Noordzij on the set

Cameraman Max Maloney listening in on the conversation between Reinier Noordzij and Roos Eijmers.

Roos Eijmers and Xander Vledder in the movie ‘Dubbel geparkeerd’


Eskalibur is a theatre workshop in The Hague where mentally handicapped actors and dancers collaborate in theatre productions. This documentary follows five dancers from rehearsals to the première; we see how they work on their latest dance production, and the way they turn their personal struggles into movement and dance. The documentary is about five people whose characters and reputations often seem to merge, in a place where emotions are invariably exposed.

[Specifications Length 36 min Format Digibeta
Crew Director Reinier Noordzij Producer Reinier Noordzij Camera Max Maloney and Tibor Dingelstad Sound Oliver Pattinama, Michiel de Boer and Lennert Hunfeld Editing Xander Bruins and Pelle Asselbergs Sound editing Michiel de Boer
Featuring Boris van der Wees, Ellis van Willige, Gijsbert Jan Looijen, Walter Roeleven and Wilma Huitink]

Dancers of theatre group Eskalibur during rehearsal

Editor Xander Bruins, Boris van der Wees and director Reinier Noordzij

Editing ‘Eskalibur’ with Xander Bruins

‘Here we are’.